"We aim for our members to save more money with their benefits and discounts than what it costs to produce and ship their trees."

- David Meade Founder / CEO of Tree Shippers

Trees are the Answer

Climate Change has become a large topic of discussion among scientists the past few decades and the latest data gathered by NASA is eye opening. Carbon Dioxide levels are at an all time high within our atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide Facts

The poisonous gas referred to as (CO2) is a heat-trapping element. It is released through human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, as well as natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruptions.

The graph below shows how the Earth started reaching an all time high in Carbon Dioxide levels in the 1950’s and has had record-breaking numbers every year since.

About Tree Shippers

Tree Shippers is a way for people to get involved in cleaning the air we breathe for current and future generations. There are more trees being destroyed than planted each day and it is our duty to change the direction we are heading in.

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